Houses, Jobs, Cars…..sigh….

Posted: April 30, 2008 in Current Status

We are in the process of many things…I don’t know if we can do just one at one time anymore. I have to find another job by June 1, 2008 because my current employer is closing up shop (just as my last employer did!!) I have applied at the correctional facility here for some administrative work, many places on and a temp agency. I will update as new information unfolds.

I still don’t have a car after my accident in August last year. I am driving Jeremy’s parent’s car, which is treating me well for now. I know they want it back sometime. We can’t even get a loan for an old Durango or something. Jeremy just has a big heart and co-signs for things without thinking of the consequences because he wants to help people. You can’t blame him for wanting to help someone else’s problems. I do it too. When we are able to get a car, I will post pictures…

So we went and looked at a few houses with Lois Murphy (Holly’s Mom) on Friday last week. They are gorgeous three bedroom, two bathroom houses for only 120k! We really like the idea of the second home we saw. It is a three bed, two bath with bonus room. It is gorgeous. The picture in the following link does not do it justice. This one is a little more than 120k but so much better…

Jeremy is doing well. He is still working hard at Brown Construction and keeping busy, for now. Zane is now in the “4 year old class” at school and is doing really well. He can count really high, sing all kinds of songs, knows his ABC’s and all different things. He mostly likes to play outside when the weather here is nice. It is UNBELIEVABLE how much this child has grown. I want him to stay little for so much longer……..I am doing good also. We recently got a gym membership to a 24 hour place called Anytime Fitness. We love it there. We wake up at 4:45am Monday through Friday and work out before we have to go to work. Saturdays and Sundays are usually up in the air. Zane gets to watch cartoons while we are there, but he usually just falls asleep because it is so early.

We finally broke down and purchased a Nintendo Wii. If you are going to buy your kids a game system, make sure it’s this one. This Nintendo gets you up and moving. The sports are tons of fun to play and here shortly they are introducing a new game called “Wii Fit” which is a fitness game. It is so much fun to watch Zane play golf and bowling. He tied his uncle Zach at bowling one night and even BEAT Jeremy’s sister Krystle by over ten points!! He can sink a put right into the hole on the first try most of the time. It will bring family together in a whole new way!

Well…I need to get back to work, lunch is over. I will keep you updated!

  1. Kevin and Katrina says:

    Looks and sounds good, Saharra, now you just need to have pictures! Haven’t seen that boy in a while! I actually read this yesterday when you told me to. Will try to leave comments. You do the same with mine. I’m about to post a quick one.

  2. Lois says:

    Saharra: Sorry to hear about the job. Luckily they have given you some notice. Good luck on the quest to find a job. Hopefully, you will find a better one than you have now. Give Zane a hug for me. Lois

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