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Finally Photos!!

Posted: August 28, 2008 in Uncategorized

Ok…I know I should have posted the photos long before now. I am a busy body and can’t find the time to actually get this done. But, my lunch break at work has released some extra time.

This is a photo of a rose that Zane picked for me. I put Holly’s ring around the petals and laid it on the concrete. It didn’t turn out as I had planned, but it still moved me. Just so you know, I experimented with a few rolls of black and white film. I am not sure I liked it…

This was behind Lake Lowell in Nampa, Idaho. The lock and chain were rusted and the “yellow” ribbon, was faded and dirty. I just thought it would make a cute picture. This is one that turned out well with the black and white, but would have been more inspiring in color so you could see the rust…

This happens to be my FAVORITE picture out of the four rolls of film I got developed. I can’t explain why I love it so much. I used the macro setting on my 35mm Canon camera. It was the smallest bloom on the bush and I think the leaves in the background make the photo extra special. This is a rose bush out back of my apartment in Meridian. I sometimes just shoot pictures of the most random objects…

This happens to be the only picture of the trees at the lake that I like. It shows more contrast than a colored pictures could. I find it inspiring. When you look at it, what comes to mind? Peace…joy…perhaps a forest from a fantasy book??

This is a photo that I took on an adventure with Jeremy’s brother Zach and my friend Mackenzie (all of us love photography). Zach took us to this canal with a beautiful dam thingy. I thought it turned out nice…so I posted it.

Of course, I couldn’t get by without posting a picture of ZANE!! He loves the pool and playing outside all the time. This was taken at Jeremy’s parent’s house. He is so much fun to take pictures of. I usually bring my camera everywhere I go!!

The picture says it all…they say that pictures are worth a thousand words—–I can think of one that sums it up…ADORABLE!!!

We have all seen the big fuzzy dandelion looking things. They look like they had some miracle grow for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Well, this one was flawless and I wanted to keep it!! So I took a picture of it. I know some of these are pointless pictures, but I severely enjoy taking them…so enjoy!!