The wonderful colors of spring…

Posted: May 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

Whew…we had a bout of CRAZY weather here. We actually had a tornado warning…IN IDAHO. It is a strange spring so far. I have been itching like you wouldn’t believe for a Pentax K2000 (a nice but kind of expensive Digital camera). I can’t buy it though. So I thought I would try a few different setting on my Canon EOS Rebel 35mm. I bought it at a pawn shop for $150. The lens is scratched a little and I have no idea how to use it. I figured I would try putting it on the “AV” setting. Not sure what that is, but I didn’t like how the photos turned out. I have put them below. These were taken with 400 speed Kodak film.

Not sure. It is some stripping for a flower bed (or something), with some weeds growing through the pavement…strange but somehow pretty.

The lovely, but not perfect tulips. We need a color variety, I know…

I still can’t get enough of the Lilacs. They are gorgeous.

This is just ONE photo of the crazy storm. The many more I wanted to get…didn’t happen, because I was terrified of ruining my only camera. I would be devastated…

I loved the bees. They were everywhere.

The beautiful blooms of spring.

And again…

And again…although, this was not on a tree. I’m not sure what it is.

This horse fly was so still on the log fence. I got really close and it didn’t even flinch.

He was quite an intriguing subject.

I like this bee the best, but the photo sucks.

Zane was on his bike riding around (with NO training wheels!!) and he decided to stop and ask me to take a picture of him. He then POSED. He looks a little goofy, but this is him being cute. I love how cheesy it came out!

This is Jeremy (my husband). He has to wash the bike every Sunday after riding. He tears it up and cleans it well. This is about the only cleaning he will do 🙂

The tulips are in bloom!!

This was my last picture on the roll of film. I was looking around my in-law’s pasture trying to find something nice to take my last photo of. Out of the corner of my eye, I see this little bird sitting on some old scrap metal. It was perfect!

Just a strange viewpoint. I thought the dandelions in the pasture looked kinda pretty behind the old log fence.

The once beautiful Chevy truck. It was my hubby’s first car that is now growing weeds through the engine…

You can see the wonderful twigs in the wheels…

Bee’s galore!

For some reason, the barbed wire sitting there looked kinda rustic and inviting. I thought I would try to capture that.

Just some pretty flowers. I think this is the apple tree in the front yard…but it could be the cherry tree…?

NOTE: These next few are edited slightly in Microsoft Digital Image Suite 10.

This is the same cheesy picture of Zane. I selected his coat and de-saturated the coloring of the rest of the picture, making the coat stand out. I liked it!

This is Zane holding a Roly Poly (sp?). The original photo was great! But I applied a Colored Pencil filter to it, and the effect was beautiful. You really couldn’t see the detail of the roly poly though, so I selected the tiny thing and applied the Colored Pencil filter to the remainder of the photo. Now the roly poly is a little more detailed.

Aww…I learned about the rule of thirds from the Pioneer Woman ( I applied that rule and cropped the original photo of the bird. Then selected the bird with careful hands and applied a black and white filter to the remainder of the photo. I absolutely LOVE this picture!

Same bee from before, only I blurred the edges of the photo a little bit, emphasizing the bee and the flower.

Same blurred technique applied here, with a black edge. It makes it look sort of like a painting, to me anyway.

I love LILAC’s…

…But, you can probably tell by now.

The Original Roly Poly…dum dum dum…

I am thinking of entering this weight loss contest for Diabetes. If I win, I will get three thousand dollars, which would pay for my Pentax K2000 (or in the event that I win the K20). I will let you know what I end up doing! Right now I have joined the biggest loser club online and have lost 15 pounds in a Month. I hope I can continue to become healthy!


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