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I recenty attended a friends wedding. It was beautiful. The weather was amazingly perfect after two and a half weeks of thunder and lightning storms hit our lovely area. I wasn’t the “official” photographer for this wedding, but I asked if I could take pictures to practice. The bride agreed…making my day. I took the bride and groom’s engagement photos with my 35mm camera before I got my new one. Everything turned out great. I don’t have very good lenses. I bought a couple used manual focus lenses from that work…but they are so LONG that it is hard for me to take a photo that isn’t blurred slightly. I thought I would post a few of the pictures I liked from the wedding. They are edited versions using Photoshop Elements 7. I will explain what I did with them. Also, if you want to see the bigger picture…just click the image. It should pull up a larger file.This is the bride, Kim, the groom, Andy, and their pastor/minister/reverand. I used a “soft romance” type look in this photo after adjusting the lighting and slight cropping. I love how the groom looks so humbled by his beautiful bride.

This is one of the flower girls. She was adorable and I got a few candid’s of her. This is a customized black and white with a “pepper” border. Again, lighting and cropping effects helped here too.

The Groom: Andy. He was all smiles. He loves his bride and was so happy to be a married man. I used a few tools here. First, I adjusted the lighting and color to make the portrait warmer. Then I used CoffeShop’s Perfect Portrait action. I whitened the teeth, whitened the eyes, enhanced the color of his tie and vest, cleared skin imperfections, brigtened the eyes and enhanced the contrast. All with ONE action. Go to to see what she has for PSE.

Ohh…the beautiful Bride. Kim. Her dress was amazing, she looked stunning. I couldn’t get a good shot of her with out something in the background. So first, I ran a layer mask and turned the whole picture into a water color. Then I brushed Kim in so she was normal looking. I used the Perfect Portrait action by CoffeeShop Actions to smooth her skin, whiten eyes and teeth, and brighten the color of her eyes slightly.

The same little flower girl from above. In classic B&W. Isn’t she too cute??!!

Same picture from above, unedited, in normal color.

My favorite shots are when they think nobody is looking. This is while they were waiting to start photos. Since the Groom didn’t want to see his Bride before the wedding, we did the shots in between the wedding and reception. You can see the Groom’s sweet smile as he is holding the hand of his new Bride. She is intently watching the guests mill around.

I do…I believe that is what Andy was telling Kim in this photo. You can see the MOH (Maid of Honor) and a Bridesmaid in the shot…but it all seems to fit together. I couldn’t crop them out. You just get the whole picture here. The Bride’s big smile was so endearing and her almost husband was BEAMING from the other side…even though you can’t see it here. I cropped out some of the guests sitting below and fixed the lighting a little.

This is the same photo from above, with an “old paper” texture applied. The texture turns the photo into B&W so I used a 30% opacity soft brush to brush in the bride and groom. That is why you can see a little color in the Bride’s skin and dress as well as the Groom’s tux. I really liked this look.

This is the flower girl from above. I asked her if I could take a picture of her hair because it was so pretty. She completely agreed that her hair was beautiful and agreed to let me take the photo. I darkened the photo a little and ran CoffeShop’s Bakery Glaze action. This one is Vanilla Glaze.

Same photo from above wtih the Strawberry Glaze applied instead of Vanilla.

Same photo as the previous two, only with a “Soft B&W” action applied. I think all three are gorgeous.

This was a tricky one and I am still not happy with it, but I figured I would share with you. There was a preacher man sitting right behind and in the middle of their bodies in this photo originally. This was the first time I had completely removed someone or something from a photo, so it is nowhere near perfect. I used the “Clone Stamp” to remove the preacher man. You can see the rough areas where I could have used more time and detail…but I was so excited that I could actually do something like that!! This photo has an “Orton” action run on it.

This is another flower girl. She was so dang cute, but wouldn’t smile too much for me. I love her wispy hair and the only think I did to this photo was crop, take a few crumbs off the corners of her mouth and made it B&W. Oh ya…I added the “Flower Girl” text too.

This is the original photo with the crumbs erased and a “Vignette” around the edges.

This must be my favorite photo. I cropped out the preacher man, took out a groomsman’s head from behind the Groom’s shoulder and applied the “Pepper” border. I also added the “Lucero” text. If you can’t read underneath, it says “Established in 2009”. I still can’t get over the Groom’s humbled posture and expression in this photo. I think it shows the emotion he is feeling as the preacher/minister/reverand is reading a passage about love.
All in all, it was beautiful. They went on a honeymoon to Florida and should be home tomorrow. If you want to see the photos a little bigger, please visit my website at You can also see their engagement photos there as well. I have already improved since I got my new camera!!
Until next time…(hopefully not months down the road like this time…)