Posted: July 21, 2009 in Uncategorized
So…We have moved…AGAIN. We found this nice little townhouse. It is about 1000 square feet and it is just right. We are in Nampa, so we are close to my family and to my husband’s family. It is nice. My little brother and a friend of his came over on the 1st and helped me move EVERYTHING in that day. I took good care of them though. I bought them lunch! My husband is out of town for work and wouldn’t have been back until the evening of the 2nd…and I didn’t want to wait. I wanted to get it all done in ONE day. Then Kelli, my soon to be sister-in-law, came over the evening of the 1st to help unpack and sort. It was an ordeal…one that I would rather not relive.
We have a few problems, though. Two are really small, one is getting bigger every day.
First, the small ones. These guys BUG the heck out of me. I am SO SICK of all the PESTering. So I took these…

These dang things are everywhere. As soon as you park, they try to eat your car. This happy couple was trying to eat the basketball hoop. I only caught two in the act, but they had accomplices…I KNOW I saw a few more…

UGH!! And THESE guys…I sweep and sweep and sweep and they still seem to find the tiniest of morsels SOMEWHERE! They come out of NOWHERE and attack everything microscopic on the floor. These are a HUGE problem right now.

See…This was the same bunch as the previous picture, only before they called their friends and neighbors to come join their feast.

This was after I picked the crumb up and threw it away. They sat there sniffing out MORE crumbs. Heaven forbid I have to SWEEP AGAIN!

I felt so sorry for the poor little guys that I bought them a play house, he he he. Ahem…excuse the outburst. I really think they will enjoy this jungle gym full of food. I hear that they share with their Queen and sometimes the food doesn’t agree with her stomach…Man I sound morbid!

So…for my BIG problem. This one keeps growing and growing. I am getting more and more headaches and heartaches because of this problem. I am so attached and I can’t let go. It keeps me up at night and tries so hard to stay under control. This huge problem is one that I wish was much smaller again and one that would, at least, stay as it is, instead of getting bigger!! Here is my huge problem…

Any guesses yet? You are probably close…

It kills my heart. Every day. I wish he was little…or that he would stop growing. Or that he could just go between infant and 5 year old. He will be going to Kindergarten in the fall…

He is just like his daddy. He plays hard, and loves life. He is turning into this little man, and I can’t take it any more!!

He loves his basketball and he has said on several occasions that he will be an NBA player, a SWAT team member and FBI. I think he has a thing with acronyms.

UGH!! This is worse than the ants. It hurts me so much more to see how big he is, how smart he is, how handsome he is. This is my BABY…that isn’t so much a baby any more. I know I will have to take a day off from work to just CRY on his first day of school. I will stalk the halls of the school just to make sure he is ok. Just to make sure that some red head bully isn’t picking on him. Just to make sure that he doesn’t miss me too badly…or rather to make sure that I don’t miss him as much. I haven’t been a stay-at-home mom, I haven’t been with him throughout the day, every day. But this still hurts. Even just to think about. I am TERRIFIED of the actual occasion…

That is all for now…I need a box of tissues and a good book to get my mind off my child’s milestones…


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