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Not to be confused with SCARED…because that does not runneth in my son’s veins. (See post below, if confused)

As you can see, Zane’s face doesn’t look as horrible, but it is pink and I am sure it will leave a scar. he keeps picking at it and I keep rubbing neosporin on it like you would not believe. Just an update here…this was this morning before school.


First Day of Kindergarten!!!

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Zane started Kindergarten today. I didn’t cry. I had horribly red, itchy and teary eyes, but it was due to allergy season (*wink*wink). I never shed a tear, though. Not yet anyway…

He did so well. He dressed all cute and fancy and was such a stud the whole time. He didn’t get nervous, he didn’t get shy, he didn’t cry or run away, and he didn’t act like it was a big thing. Inside, I was reeling. I didn’t want my baby to be so big and bold. I thought maybe he would suffer a little from being scared and in a new place. But he didn’t. He played with his new friend Alex until the bell rang. Then he grabbed his HUGE backpack and lined up against the wall and smiled and waved at me. I hung around until I saw him dissappear around the corner. Before they left, his teacher, Mrs. Atkinson, had them repeat after her, “I love you Mom and Dad. I am going to behave and enjoy learning today and I WILL BE JUST FINE.” After that, he ran up to me and gave me a hug and kiss and told me he loved me. Just then, all the kids saw him and decided that their mommies and daddies needed ONE MORE hug and kiss. He was the FIRST kid to want to love on his mom. I felt so good about that. Recalling the story now is about to make me cry and I have done so well this morning!!!

I took a few photos before school. I didn’t want to lug my huge camera to the school and embarrass him (he is starting to not like me taking photos of him). I figured that I would be “one of THOSE parents” who can’t let go…and when I got there, I was the ONLY parent without a camera. I felt horrible, but at the same time, relieved. Those parents had smaller more compact cameras and I would have felt a little strange with my Pentax K200D and a 70-300mm lens. Plus, I would have wanted to stay all day and take pictures of ALL the things he got to do and learn…and I am pretty sure that wouldn’t have been ok with Mrs. Atkinson.

Next up are photos of his nicely healing face. To lighten the mood, ya know?

This was this morning, before we left the house for Meridian. He was eating yogurt and being cute as heck with his little outfit and nice hair. It broke my heart because I was the only one nervous!!

His dad HAD to splurge and buy him a dirtbike back pack that will last for years. Zane loves taking after his father and it is cute. So he flaunts his back pack and tells everyone that his dad picked it out.

We let Zane pick out his own shoes this year. Typically we get him two pair. One that Jer likes and one that I like. Both usually turn out pretty mellow and nice. Zane chose black and electric blue shoes. We laughed so hard, but didn’t deny him the shoes because he is so big and can make cute decisions like that now.

This is Zane’s second cousin, Becca. She is adorable and about a FOOT shorter than Zane (not really…but maybe 6 inches…) We had to use her address to get Zane into a better school district and one that his daycare will drop him off and pick him up at school so I can work. We met them at their house this morning and walked to school together.

This is Trevor. Also Zane’s second cousin and older brother to Becca. He is in 5th grade this year. Zane loves him to death. Trevor loves basketball and has gotten Zane to love it as well. They love playing together despite the age gap.

Last, but not least, Zane. He looks so handsome and was really itching to get to school by the time we got done with photos. He really was ok with everything. I wish I was as brave, (and cute and sweet.)


Sneak Peek: Jimenez Photo Shoot

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I had my first photo shoot Friday that was not for a family member or a friend. I was a little apprehensive about this one because (1) I was sick, real sick. (2) It was three males, and me. So I made Jeremy come along. He and Zane played in the park while I took the pictures. I told him not to leave me alone. Seems as though I over-reacted. These boys were very nice, polite and respectful. Halfway through the shoot, they told me that they were looking for a demo cd cover and that is why they contacted me.

I had no idea. So…I changed things a little. We made the photos more “tough” and “commercial” looking. They are hip hop/rap artists from California. One moved here recently. I had fun and I hope they like the photos. Here is a sneak peek.

Let me know what you think. I am terrified that I did a horrible job. I want honest opinions. I even told the boys that if they didn’t like the photos for any reason, that we could re-shoot. You can probably see the photos a little larger on my web site. That is all for now. I am going to take a few photos of Zane’s pink scars tonigh or tomorrow.


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Just so you know, my lens is fixed and back in my possession. I had a photo shoot the other day, and I will post pictures as soon as I am done editing them. It was my first shoot that wasn’t for a friend/family member.

Also, we are greeted by these little ducks EVERY morning. They roam our neighborhood in the early hours and follow you around. I think people have been feeding them and they want more. They LOVE Zane. He giggles and runs away from them while they quack and waddle after him. It is a cute sight. Don’t you think they are pretty??

You should see the OTHER guy!!

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I arrived at my son’s daycare/preschool yesterday at the usual time, in the usual way. Everything was usual and typical that day. The truck threw a fit in the parking lot of the daycare…so I should have known something would be wrong. But I didn’t. I knew how to fix the truck’s problem, so I was fine with it breaking down and throwing a fit. But I wasn’t prepared for what I would see when I walked into the daycare to pick up Zane…

In the five years that he has been with me, he has never really gotten hurt. Yeah, he has had a few scrapes, scratches and bumps and bruises, but nothing this bad. That might be sad to some people…but this was a shocker. I, admittedly, freaked out a little bit. He is smiling here, but when I picked him up yesterday, he was almost lethargic like. You could tell that he was in pain. His teachers said that he was REALLY tough when it happened. He hardly cried and took it like a champ. So, to lighten MY mood, I asked Zane how the other kid looked. Everyone got a little chuckle and I felt a little better.

These photos were taken this morning before I left for work. We put bandages on them with a very thin layer of the children’s Neosporin with Pain Reliever on it. You can’t really tell, but his eye is swollen half shut. He can open it wider, but he says it hurts him. Underneath his eye is pretty bruised and swollen. The scratches go down a little further to the corner of his mouth, but the bad parts are right around his eye.

The crazy thing about it all, is that I am his mother. As parents, we allow him to do things that some parents wouldn’t. We bought him a dirt bike and he rides it constantly (with a helmet and gear…don’t inhale too quickly). He rides a scooter like a pro and rides his bicycle without training wheels the 1/2 mile to the NNU track, 2 miles around, and the 1/2 mile back. The kid has never really been in too much pain (other than when he had his tooth pulled). The ONE time he gets hurt pretty good, is when I am not around to comfort him. That made me the most angry.

You can see the swollen parts now. He is such a brave soul. His daddy came home from work last night (he leaves Sundays and comes back Thursdays). When we picked him up, he though I had put makeup on Zane as a joke to try and make it look like he was hurt. When he realized that it was real, he got upset like me. NOT MAD…but felt horrible. So we took him to the store and let him pick out a toy gun. He got to go out for BREAKFAST today AND stay home from school with Dad. He is getting spoiled.

But it is all worth it. I know it doesn’t seem as bad to you, but for never being hurt too badly, it is bad for me to see my baby’s face all messed up and hamburger-ish. He really is a trooper though. His first day of school is coming up and he told us that he didn’t want the other kids making fun of him. So we are trying to teach him to tell anyone who asks, “You should see the OTHER guy!!”.

Poor guy…

Riding Photos

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So I love taking photos of the boys when they are in their riding gear. There is just something about them all dressed up to play that photographs well. Jeremy wasn’t in his gear, but Zane looked awful cute in his, even without his jersey!

Sometimes, when he is just sitting there, you can’t tell that he gets in trouble a lot and has this build up of selective hearing lately. You can’t tell that he doesn’t keep his room clean, that he doesn’t lift the toilet lid when he goes potty, that he talks back all the time. All you can tell is that he is itching to play dirtbikes with Dad and that he is so at peace while even THINKING about riding his bike. I don’t even think it was started in this picture. He was just waiting for mine to warm up.

If this doesn’t scream BOY, and HANDSOME, oh and LITTLE JEREMY….OHHH and GROWING TOO QUICKLY…I don’t know what else does.

Sometimes, Jeremy gets mad when I take photos of him. Sometimes, he can’t tell I am doing it, especially since I got my 70-300mm lens…he he he. This picture gives me the warm fuzzy butterflies in the pit of my gut.

Same photo as above, only color. Still got the fuzzy warm butterflies.

Dunno what the dot is in the sky. I might have caught a UFO!! Hurry…call the FBI or UFO people. Kidding. Considering that I was taking these photos in a dust bowl in the desert on a blustery HOT day, I am sure I got some dust on my lens.

He kinda looks goofy in this one…but the sky is so pretty and I really like the contrast.

There is a photo just like this one above, but in black and white. I couldn’t figure out which one I liked best, so I decided to post both. The awesome thing about my new lens is that the background comes out so blurry so everything else is sharp as a tack. I absolutely LOVE the new lens. Oh…did I tell you that my new lens is broken?? Ya…I have had it for three weeks ish and the aperture blades got stuck. So it is in the shop for a while. Maybe up to four weeks. So I won’t be posting pictures for that long because I am on strike. I was still getting used to my new baby and it went ahead and broke. I spoke to the camera shop about it and they said that age and leaving it in a hot place for a while can do this. Well, I NEVER leave my camera anywhere but safe at home if it is not with me and age can’t be a factor because I barely bought it. So I am a little ticked off.

Back on subject…my little man in color.

This photo is my favorite. Daddy’s strong hand and arm is there for support. Also, you can see his wedding ring a little and I just LOVE that sight. It has been almost a year and I still feel fuzzy about getting married and seeing my HUSBAND wear a ring to represent that he wanted to tie himself to me and only me for eternity. It warms my heart and makes me feel good about myself, which is sometimes a feat. That is all for now. I will take photos with my phone or my little dinky digital camera or SOMETHING until I am off strike.

A few weekends ago…

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We took Zane out riding. He has a Honda CRF50 with some nice training wheels (it makes it harder to wreck!). I have a CRF150 and Jeremy has a CRF250. Mine is a little easier about going slowly. Jeremy’s bike isn’t built to go slow. Mine has a few issues, but mainly it can keep pace with Zane’s. Mind you, Zane’s bike has a governor. We can open the throttle all the way, or close it up. This prevents him from moving too quickly. Although, he has started learning how to shift…

This time, we took him out and forgot his riding jersey. He had his riding pants and boots on, but refused goggles and gloves. He and Jeremy were out putt putting around the circle track at Hemingway Butte (Reynold’s Creek to us). Zane got into some trouble. All I hear was, Zane Zane ZANE, SLOW DOOOWWNN!!!!!!! So I whipped my camera over just in time to watch Zane slam into my bike at about 7-8mph (which is the fastest we allow his bike to go right now). His bottom came off the seat and he looked like he was going to go over the handlebars. He hit Jeremy’s leg a little bit and smacked my bike pretty good.

This is starting out around the little track. No trouble yet. Doing well. Daddy and son.

BOOM!!! SMACK!!! This is right after he hit my bike. I was watching through my new lens and was completely in shock when I saw him hit. I didn’t have fast enough reflexes to try not to freak out AND take a photo…so I only got the aftermath. Zane is getting chewed out big time right now. Dad says he was looking down at his “dust” and wasn’t paying ANY sort of attention when he hit him.

This is Dad pulling him to the side to inspect bike and body damage. In that order (kidding). Everything was fine. There were probably a few more scratches on my bike as well as Zane’s, but with mine, you probably couldn’t tell. I have wrecked the thing so many times that it is all just one big scratch now.

A little more scolding and making sure he understands what “paying attention while riding a motorcycle” means.

Cooling off. Both of them. Getting ready to head out around the track and see if they can break anything else. Please, no bones, mmmkkkay??