A few weekends ago…

Posted: August 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

We took Zane out riding. He has a Honda CRF50 with some nice training wheels (it makes it harder to wreck!). I have a CRF150 and Jeremy has a CRF250. Mine is a little easier about going slowly. Jeremy’s bike isn’t built to go slow. Mine has a few issues, but mainly it can keep pace with Zane’s. Mind you, Zane’s bike has a governor. We can open the throttle all the way, or close it up. This prevents him from moving too quickly. Although, he has started learning how to shift…

This time, we took him out and forgot his riding jersey. He had his riding pants and boots on, but refused goggles and gloves. He and Jeremy were out putt putting around the circle track at Hemingway Butte (Reynold’s Creek to us). Zane got into some trouble. All I hear was, Zane Zane ZANE, SLOW DOOOWWNN!!!!!!! So I whipped my camera over just in time to watch Zane slam into my bike at about 7-8mph (which is the fastest we allow his bike to go right now). His bottom came off the seat and he looked like he was going to go over the handlebars. He hit Jeremy’s leg a little bit and smacked my bike pretty good.

This is starting out around the little track. No trouble yet. Doing well. Daddy and son.

BOOM!!! SMACK!!! This is right after he hit my bike. I was watching through my new lens and was completely in shock when I saw him hit. I didn’t have fast enough reflexes to try not to freak out AND take a photo…so I only got the aftermath. Zane is getting chewed out big time right now. Dad says he was looking down at his “dust” and wasn’t paying ANY sort of attention when he hit him.

This is Dad pulling him to the side to inspect bike and body damage. In that order (kidding). Everything was fine. There were probably a few more scratches on my bike as well as Zane’s, but with mine, you probably couldn’t tell. I have wrecked the thing so many times that it is all just one big scratch now.

A little more scolding and making sure he understands what “paying attention while riding a motorcycle” means.

Cooling off. Both of them. Getting ready to head out around the track and see if they can break anything else. Please, no bones, mmmkkkay??


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