You should see the OTHER guy!!

Posted: August 14, 2009 in Uncategorized

I arrived at my son’s daycare/preschool yesterday at the usual time, in the usual way. Everything was usual and typical that day. The truck threw a fit in the parking lot of the daycare…so I should have known something would be wrong. But I didn’t. I knew how to fix the truck’s problem, so I was fine with it breaking down and throwing a fit. But I wasn’t prepared for what I would see when I walked into the daycare to pick up Zane…

In the five years that he has been with me, he has never really gotten hurt. Yeah, he has had a few scrapes, scratches and bumps and bruises, but nothing this bad. That might be sad to some people…but this was a shocker. I, admittedly, freaked out a little bit. He is smiling here, but when I picked him up yesterday, he was almost lethargic like. You could tell that he was in pain. His teachers said that he was REALLY tough when it happened. He hardly cried and took it like a champ. So, to lighten MY mood, I asked Zane how the other kid looked. Everyone got a little chuckle and I felt a little better.

These photos were taken this morning before I left for work. We put bandages on them with a very thin layer of the children’s Neosporin with Pain Reliever on it. You can’t really tell, but his eye is swollen half shut. He can open it wider, but he says it hurts him. Underneath his eye is pretty bruised and swollen. The scratches go down a little further to the corner of his mouth, but the bad parts are right around his eye.

The crazy thing about it all, is that I am his mother. As parents, we allow him to do things that some parents wouldn’t. We bought him a dirt bike and he rides it constantly (with a helmet and gear…don’t inhale too quickly). He rides a scooter like a pro and rides his bicycle without training wheels the 1/2 mile to the NNU track, 2 miles around, and the 1/2 mile back. The kid has never really been in too much pain (other than when he had his tooth pulled). The ONE time he gets hurt pretty good, is when I am not around to comfort him. That made me the most angry.

You can see the swollen parts now. He is such a brave soul. His daddy came home from work last night (he leaves Sundays and comes back Thursdays). When we picked him up, he though I had put makeup on Zane as a joke to try and make it look like he was hurt. When he realized that it was real, he got upset like me. NOT MAD…but felt horrible. So we took him to the store and let him pick out a toy gun. He got to go out for BREAKFAST today AND stay home from school with Dad. He is getting spoiled.

But it is all worth it. I know it doesn’t seem as bad to you, but for never being hurt too badly, it is bad for me to see my baby’s face all messed up and hamburger-ish. He really is a trooper though. His first day of school is coming up and he told us that he didn’t want the other kids making fun of him. So we are trying to teach him to tell anyone who asks, “You should see the OTHER guy!!”.

Poor guy…

  1. Katrina says:

    You never really did say what happened. Glad he's okay, but man, that looks nasty!

    When does school start? He'll be fine!

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