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Big Game Hunting

Posted: October 31, 2009 in Uncategorized

We were up in Horseshoe Bend last night at a Bon Fire.  On the drive home, we bagged our first deer.  Oh…without a gun, without a tag, without even getting out of the car.




This totally sucks.  We just bought this car no more than two months ago!!  But, I have to admit, the car took the impact extremely well.  For fifty miles an hour, I thought the car would be a lot worse off.


Today’s challenege, brought to us by I Heart Faces, was more fun than challenge.  I use Photoshop Elements 7.  Below is the original:


As you can see the photo is a bit dark, but still holds the really rich colors.  Below are my edits (three of them) and the way I acheived those edits.

Rainy Day

I lightened the photo by adjusting the levels.  I also increased the saturation to enhance the wonderful colors of her dress and bow.  I smoothed away all her litlte bruises on her legs and painted her fingernails.  I gave her the look of creamy skin by using the blur tool set at a low opacity.  I also cropped the photo using the rule of thirds.  Then I ran the “Rainy Day” action from PanoxFX.  I noticed the model looks a little sad or tired, and I immediately saw her face like that through a rainy window looking at a playground or something.  Plus, the weather here is VERY rainy and gloomy, so I figured this action would be fun to try on this photo. 


The next thing I thought of when looking at this photo was how cute it would be with a vintage look.  I duplicated the light and color enhanced photo (with the creamy skin and bruises gone) and ran CoffeeShop’s “Golden Vintage” action on the photo.  It was a little much, so I adjusted the opacity down a little and ended up with this beauty!


Lastly, there had to be a black and white in here, right??  I simply duplicated my light and color enhanced photo and ran CoffeeShop’s “Creamy Chocolate B&W” action.  Nothing more needed to be done.  I LOVE this last photo…but I am a HUGE FAN of B&W.

If you would like to join in every Friday and submit your edits, visit I Heart Faces and read all about them.  You will have a blast getting to know these gal’s and fixing photos on Fridays!!

Trying Something New…

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I would like to start making this site fun (hehe). I want to start holding weekend contests that will be judged on Mondays. Starting off, I can’t do prizes, but I will display your winning photo and give you big time kudos. Maybe later on, I can give things away!!

This is the deal: I would like everyone who reads this blog to take a few photos of your weekend activities, but with an artistic twist (sometimes with a theme!). You have all weekend to get them in, so don’t rush. You can edit the photos with software at home, or using piknic online, or not at all! I will be judging composition, creativeness and the artistic edge to your image. You don’t have to be a pro to win! If you want to have fun and enter a weekly contest, please do so starting this weekend.

This week’s theme is Halloween!! I think we all can appreciate the gruesome, cute, frilly, adorable, and outright gross Halloween costumes this weekend!

Leave a comment with your name, and a link to the photo. If you don’t have a blog or link to your site, just email me your photo!

I hope we get a good response. I think this will be fun!!!



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I am an aunt for the second time!! How exciting. She is beautiful and oh so healthy. Krystle did an amazing job!!

P.S. This storyboard was created and made possible by Rita with She is amazing. You have to check out her site!! Just click on the button below, or the link above!!