Fix It Friday – By I Heart Faces

Posted: October 30, 2009 in Fix-It-Friday - I Heart Faces

Today’s challenege, brought to us by I Heart Faces, was more fun than challenge.  I use Photoshop Elements 7.  Below is the original:


As you can see the photo is a bit dark, but still holds the really rich colors.  Below are my edits (three of them) and the way I acheived those edits.

Rainy Day

I lightened the photo by adjusting the levels.  I also increased the saturation to enhance the wonderful colors of her dress and bow.  I smoothed away all her litlte bruises on her legs and painted her fingernails.  I gave her the look of creamy skin by using the blur tool set at a low opacity.  I also cropped the photo using the rule of thirds.  Then I ran the “Rainy Day” action from PanoxFX.  I noticed the model looks a little sad or tired, and I immediately saw her face like that through a rainy window looking at a playground or something.  Plus, the weather here is VERY rainy and gloomy, so I figured this action would be fun to try on this photo. 


The next thing I thought of when looking at this photo was how cute it would be with a vintage look.  I duplicated the light and color enhanced photo (with the creamy skin and bruises gone) and ran CoffeeShop’s “Golden Vintage” action on the photo.  It was a little much, so I adjusted the opacity down a little and ended up with this beauty!


Lastly, there had to be a black and white in here, right??  I simply duplicated my light and color enhanced photo and ran CoffeeShop’s “Creamy Chocolate B&W” action.  Nothing more needed to be done.  I LOVE this last photo…but I am a HUGE FAN of B&W.

If you would like to join in every Friday and submit your edits, visit I Heart Faces and read all about them.  You will have a blast getting to know these gal’s and fixing photos on Fridays!!

  1. Cecilia says:

    I love the golden vintage one. How did I miss that action at coffeeshop? I’ll have to go get it.

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