Fix It Friday – I Heart Faces

Posted: November 6, 2009 in Fix-It-Friday - I Heart Faces

Today is another Fix It Friday by I Heart Faces.  This photo was really fun to work with.  Below is the original:


This photo is a little underexposed.  I made all my edits with PSE7.  I adjusted the levels and brought the midtones slider to the left.  This lightened the photo overall.  I liked the look, but her eyes were a little dark and flat, so I used CoffeShop’s “Eye Bright” action for PSE.  I ran a low opacity brush over the brown in her eyes and ran a black low opacity brush over the entire eye and eyelash for the “define” part of the action.  I then rotated the photo and cropped it to taste.  That is how I got my first edit below:

Girl copy

The next few edits were for fun.  I am a HUGE fan of Rita over at the CoffeeShop.  She is AMAZING.  Head over there to look at her actions.  I hear they just tweaked P-Dub’s actions for PSE!!!


I’m honestly not sure how I got this one.  I was messing around with Rita’s different actions, and ended up with this.  I like it a lot…


This is my basic edit with Rita’s “Honey Retro” action added to it.  I loved how this turned out.


Lastly…a Black and White.  You gotta have ONE black and white…right??!?  I simply ran Rita’s “Selective Color” action and flattened it.  I really like how that turns out.  I adjusted the midtones slider slightly for a brighter black and white.

Thanks I Heart Faces!!  This one was fun to play with!!  Head over to their site to learn how to become part of the fun!!

  1. Caroline says:

    Hi 😀 I like your first and last edits best I think. You mentioned ‘watermarks’ when you popped over to me – it’s basically an overlayed text layer with reduced opacity. Today’s edit I used a pre-made layer by Shabby Princess, but it’s easy enough to make your own 😀

  2. Thanks for the great compliments on my blog! I really like how your blog is set up and you’ve got wonderful pics on here:) I’m a HUGE fan of Coffeeshop and use most of her actions on my edits. I also have a “Zane” and I don’t hear that name too often…I love it! I’ll keep in touch!

  3. jen says:

    I loved the eyes. I never seem to get good results with the eyepop action from coffee shop, maybe I need to reload it as I always end up having to redo it.

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