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So…I am about six to seven weeks pregnant.  I am ALREADY experiencing some horrible morning sickness.  I can’t eat ANYTHING because EVERYTHING smells horrible and makes me very sick.  I have been living off of saltines, graham crackers, ramen noodles (watered down), ginger ale, and water.  I am only two weeks into the sickness part, and I want to be done.  Some say it gets better around week 14, some say sooner.  All I know, is that I owe a thank you to a friend of mine.

I was on Facebook and commented about my lovely day of being sick.  A friend commented back and told me that I should check into Sea Bands.  “The Sea-Band applies continuous pressure on the P6 (or Nei-Kuan) point on each wrist using a plastic stud; the point is very easy to find” (  Which it is.  I bought a pair of these today at my local Walgreens.  Within ten minutes of wearing them, the edge to my constant nausea started slowly subsiding.  Now, about four hours into wearing them, I still feel slightly nauseated, not QUITE up to eating a flavorful mean, but I also don’t feel like I am going to ralph every five seconds.  I don’t feel like I should have a bowl by me and be laying in bed.  I feel a bit better than I did earlier. 

But, you have to understand something about me.  I HATE, absolutely and positively HATE and DESPISE throwing up.  I would rather have high fevers and be bedridden for a week with a horrible sinus infection, double ear infection and a nasty cough, than vomit ONCE.  So when I say that I feel quite a bit better, you have to understand that I mean I don’t feel like vomiting constantly.  I still feel sick, just not as sick as before.  I am much happier being nauseated, than feeling like I am actually going to toss my cookies.  This might not work for some people, and it might work better on others…but all you morning-sick prego’s out there should definitely try this. 

I also bought ginger gum from the same manufacturer (Sea Band).  It helps slightly too!!

I just wanted to share that.  I figured the more people who knew about this the better.  There are no medications involved, which means no side effects for mom OR baby.

You can purchase these products at most Walgreens stores around the nation.  I checked at Albertsons, and they didn’t have them in stock here.  You can also buy them online through the website mentioned above for a little cheaper than in-store.

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Last week…I found out…

Posted: January 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

That I am pregnant!!  This is such a scary and exciting time for my little family and I.  My husband and I are nervous and excited, my son is elated and can’t wait to meet his sister (he just KNOWS it is a girl and no we do not know the sex yet) and we are thinking about our options now.  We are thinking about giving birth at a birthing center instead of the hospital…we are thinking about names and already arguing about them (I like Zeus for a boy…Hubby doesn’t)  I think we both agree on the girl name.  I just wanted to share a quick post about our status!!

…Saharra and family…

Lucero Shoot

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In November I got to photograph my friend and her husband.  They were looking for Christmas card photos and some family photos.  Despite the frigid temperatures and frost slick grass, we got some good ones!

She is so much fun to be around and her cat and dog were wild and fun to photograph as well!  I can’t wait to do another shoot for her!

Helen Family Shoot

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It was extremely cold and blustery, but the kids had a blast.  I got the opportunity to photograph my friend and her two children.  We had a blast running through NNU campus and playing!!