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Pregnancy Update:

Posted: February 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

SO…my morning sickness is easing every so slightly.  I have been able to handle a regular meal every now and then which is REALLY nice.  I am still extremely tired and emotional…but I am coping a little better with it this week.

A few friends and family members are giving us a hard time about having twins this time around.  Mind you, then do NOT run in the family, and I am not a high candidate for them, but they are starting to get to me hehe…I have been googling my brains out and have found that there are a few things about me that can contribute to having multiples, but I am really low risk for having them.

I wanted to ask if anybody has FELT they were going to, or been told by family or friends that they just “had this feeling” or something similar and you found out you were prego with twins.  I would like stories, experiences or just hear say even…I am SO curious and all the talk about it has me worried and biting my nails for Tuesday the 9th to get here already.  I go to the doc for the first time and will hopefully get an ultrasound to rule all these shananigans out 🙂

I do want to say that I would still be happy if I were having two healthy babies instead of one…but at this point I am stressed about it.  I know the news, either way, will find me emotional and well, but I think all the “feelings” of those around me have me going and it is always reeling in the back of my mind…

Some symptoms that point to having multiples are below:

Enhanced pregnancy symptoms.  Ie. morning sickness, fatigue, tenderness of the chesticles, etc.
A feeling of being weighted right above your pubic bone.
Increased need to urinate, especially during the night.
BMI of over 30%, which I unfortunately fall under.

These are waht I am experiencing.  I don’t know if my pregnancy symptoms are “enhanced” because I have NEVER had them before.  On some of the sites I was looking at (,, etc.) they said that women who have had a fairly easy pregnancy before with no real morning sickness or fatigue can experience these symptoms when having a girl, also, but that it is also a sign of multiples as your body produces more of the “pregnancy hormone” when pregnant with multiples and your body is also more tired because of the extra work that goes into multiples vs a singleton.

Like I said before…I can’t wait until next Tuesday.  I have a feeling that I am just pregnant with one…and I would like to have a girl, but am totally ok with another boy.  I do feel like I am getting slightly bigger, but I have been told that you tend to show faster with your second becaue the muscles have already expanded and such previously.

Let me know your thoughts on this…if you have any.  I am interested in what other people say and think about all the “feelings” floating around and all the signs.

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