Promises, promises, promises!

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

I am not going as far as saying that I am accepting the 365 challenge as a resolution this year, but I resolve to write a post at least once a week.  I vow to include at least one photo as well.  I’m just having problems coming up with things to write about.  Hopefully I can get around to finding a few topics and actually fulfilling this resolution.  This will count as my first.  Yes, it is ten days into January, but it’s better late than never, right??

As I write this with a sleeping (and sick) baby on my chest, today’s topic will be him.  Simple, yes?  Mr. Gunner is now a little over four months old.  He giggles, coos, gurgles and slobbers a lot.  He brightens our lives and makes it a point to put smiles on our faces as a daily routine.  He has rolled over a few times, but lately only when I am out of the room.  For those worried, I make sure he is safely on the floor before I leave the room now.  He still has hair, can sit up by himself for a few seconds before falling forward, and loves his bouncer.  His big brother adores him and constantly wants to take photos of him.  Speaking of photos…below are a few of said Mr. Gunner.  ENJOY!!

Zane took this photo of him the other day. He is now an aspiring photographer. Every chance he gets he is asking me if he can take pictures of his baby brother or other inanimate objects around the house.

Zane LOVES his baby brother!

I thought this one was fun to share. Zane loves his baby brother and is always holding him.

Gunner trying to get the little rings on his bouncer.


Lots of pictures showing off his gorgeous blue eyes.




  1. Granny Jacque says:

    We are looking forward to hearing about the things you write about! Love you….

  2. Katrina says:

    Yay for blogging! 😉 Such cute little boys, but you knew that, didn’t you!
    Zane is just trying to be behind the camera because he’s tired of being in front of it! 😉 My boys are tired of being photographed, too.
    That Gunner looks like so much fun!

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